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Weekly Vocalize #6 Counting

Here’s a tongue twister exercise. In form it’s really simple, but in practice it’s trickier than it looks. Take a look!


Again you can go up or down the keyboard, whichever you feel like doing. Starting slow and then ramping up the speed as you go is a good way to lead the exercise. When you’ve reached the extreme end of your singers’ range you start going back toward the center to continue working on annunciation at higher tempos. (Don’t forget to remind them to remain relaxed as the tempo increases!) Solfege syllables are a bit easier to annunciate at faster speeds than numbers, although numbers tend to be easier to remember. Either will work for this exercise, and you could even experiment with changing between the two to keep your singers on their toes. ^_^

This is a great exercise for when your singers seem a bit listless because it gets them to concentrate on what they’re singing and it moves quickly. Plus it’s good practice for singing at high tempos. Very fun!

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