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About BlowThyHorn.com

I started BTH almost 10 years ago as a place for me to give advice to Early Music enthusiasts. That’s still the case today. It’s now also a place for me to discuss SCA related topics.

About Nique

I am member of the Order of the Laurel in the Society of Creative Anachronism. My specialty is music. I am know in the society as Mistress Jadwiga Krzyzanowska. Most people call me Jadzia (pronouced YAH-juh)… or Monique.

I directed the Cynnabar Choir from 2007 – 2013. Cynnabar is a Barony within the Middle Kingdom. I learned a lot during my time as choir director.

Since 2012 I have run a Period Music focused event in the Middle Kingdom, St. Cecilia at the Tower.

I play recorders, keyboard, and Viola da Gamba. I also sing.

I play in the dance band the “Peascod Gatherers” and in the Medieval Music band “Psallite.”

When I’m not doing Early Music stuff I teach piano, play RPGs, play board games, dance and read. I also like to fool around with computers. My husband, Aaron, is also a Music Laurel. We play a lot of music together.


Why “Blow Thy Horn”?

Blow Thy Horn Hunter” is a madrigal composed by William Cornysh that is part of the Collegium’s repertoire. It’s a cute, upbeat song about hunting deer. I figured the name “Blow Thy Horn” was appropriate since I’m sounding my opinions.