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May 2008

Weekly Vocalize #2 from “Now Wolde Y Fayne Summer This Make”

This week’s vocalize is the entire melisma including last week’s vocalize at the very end of it. midi This exercise is all about breath control. The tempo of the midi is somewhat on the slow side, which may be a bit much to start with. My suggestion is to start faster singing either on Mi [...]


Weekly Vocalize #1 from “Now Wolde Y Fayne Summer This Make”

Starting today every Monday I’m going to post a new vocalize that you can work on with your choir after you’ve done some warm ups. The goal with these vocalizes is to train your choir to be able to execute difficult passages with ease. The primary focus of the “Now Wolde Y Fayne” series of [...]

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Music Editions Section

I just added a Music Editions section to the site. As of right now, all the music is stuff the Collegium uses. It’s all in the public domain, so you can do whatever you want with it as long as you don’t try to sell it as your own. Enjoy!