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Welcome to BlowThyHorn.com

Have you ever thought about choir directing? Are you currently a choir director and trying to improve your skills? Would you like to be pointed to good directing resources?

Or are you in a renaissance band? Do you want to join one, but don’t know what instrument to play or which method book to buy? Are you not sure which brand of recorder to get? Don’t know what early music CD to listen to next?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re likely to find something useful at BlowThyHorn.com.

Where to get Started

If you’re about to become a choir director you can check out this post: Your First Day Leading Choir Rehearsal.

You can also peruse the archives or the categories on the left to see what else I’ve written. And then there is the blog itself where you can read the latest content. The blog is in the early stages of development, so you can expect lots of great stuff to come.

Who’s Nique

Nique’s a choir director and early music fan. You can learn more about her at the about page.